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Central Europe: Milestone for Nordic Air Filter Leader

21. January, 2008

With a successful presentation in Paris weastra concluded the first project phase with its partner, the Scandinavian market leader in the air filter sector. The hand-over of the in-depth analysis on further market potentials in Slovakia is a milestone in the partnership – similar market studies are currently being prepared for the Czech and Hungarian markets.

The study gives a detailed overview of current and future market trends and provides profound insights into business opportunities for the client across multiple industries in Slovakia. The meeting with senior representatives can be considered as a milestone of the project as it now enters an extended second phase. In the upcoming weeks market analyses will also be prepared for the Czech Republic and Hungary with the overarching aim of considerably strengthening the market position of the company in Central Europe. It currently operates a production site in Southern Slovakia but anticipates optimized business results in upcoming years through implementation of weastra’s recommendations.