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Impact of crisis on Czech & Slovak TV landscape – upgrade to CEE TV study

20. May, 2009

As the financial crisis swept around the globe it did not spare the TV markets of Central Europe. Weastra’s latest short-analysis looks at the impact of the global crisis as it left its traces on a local CEE scale.

As an add-on to the study on TV in the CEE Region (Dec. 2008) it captures the latest trends regarding TV Broadcasting, Distribution and Advertising on the basis of the two Central European markets of Czech Republic and Slovakia. The analysis does not only depict the latest trends such as the stage of digitalisation implementation but also provides projections for the upcoming months as it names the major rumors regarding the market developments. Consequently, the recent turbulences not only have its demerits but also open up new business opportunities on the TV markets of Central Eastern Europe. Read more about our study on TV in the CEE Region and its upgrade.