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NEW market study: TV Market in the CEE Region

1. January, 2009

TV in the CEE Region is weastra’s latest market report analyzing the diverse television landscape across Central and Eastern Europe.

The study focuses on the 3 TV segments of Broadcasting, Distribution and Advertising in the 5 CEE countries of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. Each country’s TV market is analyzed in full detail in all 3 segments providing comprehensive data and comments in regard to market developments, key players as well as current and future trends. The in-depth analysis reveals the strong diversity of the CEE television market and displays the surprisingly strong national differences in TV broadcasting, distribution and advertising. It provides key findings such as the different stages of the digitalization implementation process across the region, effective ways to capture the TV audience and the fastest growing distribution channels. The analysis takes a comparative regional and individual market perspective and features plenty of informative graphics, charts and data on the top market players. Read more about the new market analysis TV in the CEE Region.