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Romania May Join Schengen in Two Steps Next Year

17. November, 2011

According to Mr. Basescu, the President of Romania, the country may join the European Union’s passport-free travel system in two steps next year if it comes to an agreement with the Netherlands.

The Netherlands are opposing the entry of the Balkan country into the Schengen Area mainly because of corruption concerns. If the two countries solve this dispute, the 25-nation Schengen Area, may open its marine and air borders to Romania in March and land borders in June or July.
Romania and neighboring Bulgaria have been striving to enter the Schengen zone during 2011 after the European Commission said they met all the technical criteria. Finland and the Netherlands opposed entry, saying corruption in the newest EU members, which joined in 2007, may jeopardize the security of the entire area between the border of Russia to Portugal on the Atlantic seaboard.