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the secret of success...

in Eastern Europe lies in a long term and trustworthy relationship between the customer and a competent local partner.

Weastra offers you tailor-made services for your business success in CEE markets:

need help?

Weastra assures you a full service offering the highest quality along your entire expansion and growth project. Consistent and fast. Tailored to your specific needs.


your high quality one-stop shop.

Getting operations up and running

is one of the first hurdles. Many companies waste a lot of time and money during that phase of the expansion. Learn how weastra assists you in managing the first steps of a fast and effective market entry into CEE.

Intimate knowledge

of the market to be conquered is absolutely essential to make your aspirations become reality. Learn more about weastra’s market intelligence services.

The secret of success is local expertise.

Whether through a business partnership or an acquisition – we will find you the ideal match. Weastra is your CEE focal point when it comes to finding the right business partners or M&A targets.

Striving for sustained business growth in Eastern Europe?

Once present on the market it is barely an easier venture to take business performance to a higher level. Learn how weastra supports you in improving your results in the local markets. We will find the ideal way to your business growth in CEE.

Business life is not always rosy.

In difficult times it’s most valuable to have a reliable partner that couples strong consulting expertise with intimate knowledge of the local markets. Weastra assists you to get back on the road to success through effective tools in the area of business optimisation.