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Business growth consultancy in CEE markets

Our activities

We identify and quantify the sales potential on existing and new markets. We find out the exact expectations of your customers. We map strategies and activities of your competitors. We assess your current marketing and sales. We prepare a new strategy for income growth. We suggest a marketing & sales budget and set up an efficient controlling mechanism.

Benefits for your company

  • income growth and increase of market share
  • measurable added value and efficient controlling of marketing & sales costs
  • long-term access to top-notch information on market & competitors
  • deeper understanding of your customers’ preferences
  • faster and more flexible reactions to market changes

business growth consulting.

A successful business requires all management functions to be directed towards a philosophy of customer orientation. Successful sales and marketing is thus an art – especially if you want it at the optimal cost. We will find the ideal way to make your business grow in CEE.

Insights into the local markets

We want to know, but we want to know it for sure – to develop an effective growth strategy for Eastern Europe
How satisfied are your current customers, what do potential buyers think about your portfolio? What is your unique selling proposition? And what are the current moves of your competitors? We ask everybody – your current and potential clients, employees and competitors. Hereby we do not use only quantitative but also qualitative market research methods such as focus groups and creative workshops turning around in-depth discussions. Just to know it for sure.

Sales & Marketing Audit

How effective are your sales efforts in CEE?
weastra assesses why you don’t fully meet your customers‘ expectations and what is behind your current sales results. We conduct an in-depth audit of your sales and marketing strategy, organizational structure, processes and results. In-depth interviews, cost-effectiveness analyses or mystery shopping have proven highly successful to identify the bottlenecks for your performance in CEE.

Business Growth Strategy

Kill two birds with one stone!
weastra develops a suitable strategy to overcome the bottlenecks of your sales performance as well as to make you benefit from the local market situation. Based on our on-spot expertise we help you to win the local markets. We formulate practical recommendations in order for you to harvest the fruits you deserve. Plant your growth now.

Operative Performance Controlling

Confidence is good, control is better
Routine work patterns in changing environments lead to underperformance. Sales and marketing strategies need continuous adjustment to the new market reality. Ongoing reporting and feedback to your performance are indispensable. Weastra analyzes your activities on a regular basis and provides you with recommendations to fine-tune your strategies. So that you do not simply rest on your laurels.