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Assisting an Italian player to conquer the Czech Health Sector

Weastra’s profound market analysis greatly facilitated our Italian client‘s expansion project to the first Central European market. The market study provided highly relevant insights to support and confirm the strategic decisions of the Italian service provider on its way to start first operations in a CEE market. Given the client‘s portfolio specialization in planning and supplying hospital sanitation services the research focused primarily on Facility Management activities within the Health Sector of the Czech Republic. Key market developments were spotted, various FM service types within public and private hospitals throughly described as well as concrete action steps for a successful market entry proposed. The Czech Health Sector currently offers a wide range of business opportunities as it undergoes a complete modernisation. Increased funds are now at disposal for investments in hospital facilities in the course of the general reform that intends to finally do away with the legacy of state-run health care system under communist times. We thus believe that our client jumped onto the reform train at the right time to benefit from the tremendous business potential currently available in Central Europe.