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The secret to success

in Eastern Europe is in our opinion a long term and trustworthy relationship between the customer and weastra.

No Overselling

weastra measures itself against the business results of its clients. We only promise what we can deliver to a high quality standard. Otherwise we will not get engaged from the start. We believe this makes us a trustful and reliable partner.

No hidden agendas and clauses.

That’s our business principle. Trust is key and we want to earn your trust. Therefore we are as transparent as possible in what we do and in how we do it. Let us prove we deserve your trust.

Top services.

We aim to improve. Every day. Because good is not good enough for us.

Boosting the CEE presence of a global US Broadcaster

The leading global Broadcasting company relies on weastra’s local market expertise to confirm strategic decisions in the CEE region. In a first phase an analysis provided the player with in-depth insights on the TV and new media landscape across the CEE Region allowing for informed decision-making. This market data served in a second phase as basis for an interactive workshop involving several decision makers to simulate potential future market scenarios. Hereby the whole spectrum of diverging developments could be appreciated in a modelled approach. As an output of the market analysis and war gaming workshop weastra formulated concrete strategic recommendations for its client’s next steps on the CEE media markets promising continued business success in the dynamic region.