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why we made it. together.

The secret to success

in Eastern Europe is in our opinion a long term and trustworthy relationship between the customer and weastra.

No Overselling

weastra measures itself against the business results of its clients. We only promise what we can deliver to a high quality standard. Otherwise we will not get engaged from the start. We believe this makes us a trustful and reliable partner.

No hidden agendas and clauses.

That’s our business principle. Trust is key and we want to earn your trust. Therefore we are as transparent as possible in what we do and in how we do it. Let us prove we deserve your trust.

Top services.

We aim to improve. Every day. Because good is not good enough for us.

Marketing and Sales for Internet-TV Technology for Unitec AG in Slovakia and Czech Republic

Weastra launches one of the most competitive technologies in internet TV area in Eastern Europe, representing the technology owner Unitec AG, based in Liechtenstein. The technology enables public and private portals and corporate websites to stream real time videos of any format, even at slow internet connections. Unitec AG is the european market leader in the area of internet TV.