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Optimization of controlling processes and their implementation within a major Slovak manufacturing company

A major Slovak manufacturing engineering company, active in both Slovakia as well as on the international markets, with a turnover of 17 mil. EUR, which is engaged in the production of axles and brakes for trailers and industrial vehicles, decided to use our services for cost and process optimization.

One of the fundamental optimization projects was to build a strategic and operational controlling.

The aim of the project was to set up a system of regular information flow about the performance of individual departments and company indicators for better decision making regarding the performance, capacity, costs and future direction of the company.

Based on the results of the audit, interviews with the management and with key employees, weastra optimized  the controlling processes, starting from data collection and calculation of indicators. In the following steps weastra performed an evaluation of indicators and interpretation of problem areas, subsequently solving the problem areas through remedial measures. In the last phase of this process, weastra evaluated the applied actions and remedies.

The set up of the controlling process eliminated the consumption of management’s work time on search and retrieval of information. The set up of controlling has also ensured the supervision of implementation of plans for early and accurate detection of deviations and for application of necessary corrections. In result  the availability of systematic information for proper and timely decision making at all levels of management in the company was provided.

During the second step weastra set up the reporting process, to ensure the monitoring and evaluation of performance for each department according to the processes. weastra also introduced and defined the rules for all processes and a list of tasks, activities and responsibilities for each work center and  position held within the department of economics and controlling.

The result of this project was the set up of a complete strategic and operational controlling, which brought an improvement in strategic decision making, effectiveness in utilization of resources and increased transparency and cost control in all fields of activity of the company.