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in Eastern Europe is in our opinion a long term and trustworthy relationship between the customer and weastra.

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weastra measures itself against the business results of its clients. We only promise what we can deliver to a high quality standard. Otherwise we will not get engaged from the start. We believe this makes us a trustful and reliable partner.

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That’s our business principle. Trust is key and we want to earn your trust. Therefore we are as transparent as possible in what we do and in how we do it. Let us prove we deserve your trust.

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We aim to improve. Every day. Because good is not good enough for us.

Strengthening position of Nordic Air Filter Leader on Central European Markets

Over the 2-phase project weastra supports the Swedish air filter leader on its expansion to Central European markets. An extensive analysis across three CEE markets was conducted with the aim to identify optimization potential and additional promising outlet markets: The Slovak, Czech and Hungarian markets in 6 different sectors were thoroughly studied (automotive, bio-pharmaceutical, food & beverage, facility management, hospitals, air ventilation/conditioning) on market size, market and client potential, pricing analysis and other criteria. Thanks to our „hands-on approach“ one-to-one interviews were conducted with competitive companies, potential clients as well as external experts, which revealed most practical insights about the markets‘ potential and trends. Based on the evidence we now strategically and operatively consult the client in the review of the distribution channels on key markets in order to develop an optimized marketing and sales strategy for the CEE Region.