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Business optimisation consultancy in CEE markets

Our activities

We analyze your costs in depth and identify hidden potential for improvement. Based on the market information we discover opportunities for income growth. We suggest concrete steps to improve your end-of-year results. We support you during their implementation.

Benefits for your company

  • optimal cost level without disrupting activities of your company
  • growth in turnover and image improvement on the market
  • leverage on profitable products, activities and processes and optimisation of the less profitable ones
  • retaining high quality and competent employees in your company
  • effective dealing with market changes

business optimisation consulting.

Every company experiences its ups and downs. The way out of difficult corporate times is however rarely automatic – it often requires a reorganization to achieve a turnaround in order to get back on track. Following transparent and effective processes weastra assists you in effectively tackling crucial adaptations that revitalize your business – to set a solid ground for future growth!

Bringing about the turnaround

Underperforming companies often face a dilemma – small organizational changes being insufficient to bring about the critical turnaround – big structural reorganizations bearing multiple risks of failure that might lead to the ultimate collapse. Following weastra’s clear-cut and effective business optimisation processes – put in place directly with the company management – ensures making fine-tuned steps in the right direction.

Effective help against underperformance

weastra provides critical assistance to companies which are underperforming, experience a crisis or are healthy but need to address underperforming divisions. Weastra finds effective and transparent solutions for companies to be more efficient, better organized, leaner and better focused on their core business. Together we work out a revised strategic and financial plan that puts the business on a sound basis allowing a healthy future development.

Cutting costs to the optimum

In order to stabilize the company’s financial and operational performance a holistic analysis is vital –since only the full picture leads to comprehensive profitability plans. Our experts analyze the company’s internal business documentation, organizational and cost structure, conduct in-house process analyses including structured interviews with the company management and apply idea management to come up with innovations and improvement proposals – to be sure not to miss out on a crucial detail.

Implementation – the final kick to success

Based on the results of the in-depth analysis concrete recommendations for process reengineering and cost cutting are worked out and jointly implemented. Having effective tools at your disposal allows you to enter a new era promising sustainable development of your company in the future. And your investors and creditors will be reassured that important steps are being made to tackle the problems that should maximize the company’s value.