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High quality local CEE market analysis

Our activities

We collect information about markets, players and their development directly from customers, competitors and market experts as well as from statistics and available analyses. We quantify current market size and its future potential. Through war gaming workshops, we help you to understand possible steps of your competitors and the best short- and long-term market position. We set company goals and strategy to achieve them.

Benefits for your company

  • building up an important market position of your company
  • acting proactively in dynamic market conditions
  • access to high-quality information about the market, your current and potential customers as well as competitors
  • deeper understanding of current situation and options of your competitors, projections of their future steps and subsequent market changes

market analysis and more.

Intimate knowledge of the market to be conquered is absolutely essential to make your aspirations become reality.
Every Euro spent on a high quality analysis is well invested if you get concrete recommendations out of it.

Market Potential Analysis

Show me the money!
It all starts and ends with this desire. Making it come true in an unknown market might however be difficult without the right insight. Weastra is the right partner for you: Competent, fast and to-the-point. We offer not only general descriptions of the current market situation across various CEE countries and industries. We provide high quality analyses on the quantitative and qualitative market potential of your products and services in the local environment.

Customer Potential Analysis

Customer is king in any of my kingdoms
Weastra supports you to understand the specific needs and expectations of your customers in Central and Eastern European markets; they might vary quite substantially from your home market. Our bottom up analyses of the local purchasing behavior, purchasing volume and product requests help you to attract new customers and to fully satisfy your current ones.

Competitive Intelligence

No surprises please
When entering Eastern European markets, companies realize often too late that they face different competitive patterns than elsewhere, especially around pricing, market players and customer perception. Weastra provides you with the full picture on the local competitive situation and develops with your team respective counter-actions.


Learning from the best
You might be surprised that in many cases, Eastern Europe offers a unique chance to do things differently. And many companies have embraced this opportunity. Weastra provides you with useful insights on the best-in-class processes for Eastern Europe. Inside and outside of your industry.

Market Studies

See the big picture of the market in question – not just statistical figures
Being based in CEE weastra works with first-hand information – we know the relevant experts and major players, their strategies, way of thinking and decision-making. Thanks to the local expertise weastra provides prime market information that describes the real trends in the region. See here for weastra’s latest CEE market studies on leading and aspiring sectors across the Eastern European region.