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Finding right local business partners and M&A targets in CEE markets

Our activities

Together, we outline criteria for your potential business partners/distributors or acquisition targets. Based on market analysis and our local expertise, we identify interesting market players. We evaluate their possible contribution to your strategic goals and rank them. We support you by negotiations with them. We prepare strategy for further development of the acquired company.

Benefits for your company

  • reliable and competent business partners, distributors resp. the right strategic acquisition for strengthening your market position
  • informed and right decisions based on reliable and timely information
  • saving time and money to build relations only with the right partners

partner search and

M&A target assessment.

Relying on the right local partners to achieve success. Weastra is your sixth sense when it comes to finding the right business partners in Central and Eastern Europe. We will find you the ideal match that will make your business grow.

Commercial Due Diligence

Best value for money
Find out all the essentials about your potential CEE acquisition through our comprehensive due diligence review. weastra analyses and projects the expected development of the target’s industry and market environment, examines its business model as well as market position. Based on this in-depth analysis we develop strategic recommendations for the possible future development of the target and for your acquisition. To make sure that you don’t buy a pig in a poke.

Business Partners Scouting

Without competent local partners your business is likely to stagnate rather than prosper. weastra supports you in finding local partners that truly fit your business approach and needs.

Negotiation Counseling

When in Rome, …
Especially in Eastern Europe cultural differences and habits while doing business still differ significantly from Western Europe. weastra supports and counsels you in important negotiations.

Scouting for M&A Targets

Looking to boost your CEE business through acquisition of an interesting local or regional player? Out of the big crowd we identify and longlist promising M&A targets for you.

Shortlisting & Strategic Choice

Hit the bull‘s eye outright!
We single out those targets which promise to bring most value to your business. The right match helps you to win the market.
Together with you we establish a set of selection criteria based on the business model winning the local market.You are provided with strategic recommendations for the best fitting targets that will strengthen your CEE performance.